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Thread Soundcard for Home studio

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1 Soundcard for Home studio
Hi there everyone, how're you doing?

I've been using an SB Live for the last 3 years, but lately it's been showing it's signs of ageing and it's time to get a new soundcard.

I want something that will record 3 people simultaniousley (Onto different tracks on a recorder), and something that will run apps like Eidrol Orchestra and Steinberg's "The Grand" without glitches (the Sb Live does tend to conk out after you play the grand for about 4 minutes).

My Budget is about £300, but it can be a little more if it'll get what I need. Any reccomendations?

Many Thanks in advance.

Pete :D
Hello Pete!

Your budget puts you within range of most semi-pro to entry level pro cards in the market. What you need depends on your pc specs though. Do you want pci-based solutions or firewire? Some folks have had great success with usb-based cards but I don't want to recommend it because of the slow USB 1.1 bus.

The easiest to install right now are the Maudio cards and they come in pci, usb and audio flavours; again, avoid the usb solutions. The Maudio Delta series are reputed to be quite easy to install. Another promising choice is the Presonus Firepod - a firewire solution. If you can manage to find a RME card in your price range, make sure it has the analog connections you need.

I would have also recommended the Emu cards to you but it is turning out to be a tweaker's card. It is not exactly plug-and-play and sometimes has compatibility problems with certain motherboard/peripheral combinations. In my experience, however, it has turned out to be a very powerful card.