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Thread Using Mac G4 and SoundHack: I need a soundcard? Help.

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1 Using Mac G4 and SoundHack: I need a soundcard? Help.
Okay here is the situation right Now:

Turntables and CD go into 3 channel dj mixer> that signal goes out of the mixer through the home stereo Tuner "out record", through an RCA cable into my MAC laptop's 1/4" plug line in. Sound Hack (software) receives line in with input volume adjustment and creates an aiff file.

Result: I can freestyle mix and record in real time; SoundHack converts to digital file that is dropped into iTunes and burned to CD.

Output quality when burned to CD is shiatty :!: But Damn is it fun compared to making mixed Cassette tapes! (old school hahaha)

Future: I buy an external sound card with a 1 inch input or RCA cables input that will take away the processing strain from my laptop. The digital conversion will happen externally and a cleaner signal will enter my laptop.

Result: Better sound :?: Anyone out there have any advice for me?

Can anyone relate?
I have got an Apple G4/533 with an ESI Waveterminal 192L soundcard. It works perfect. Really good buy. You can also buy the extra midi-card, but I would advise then an Emagic MT4 or MT8.