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Thread Constant Buzz!!

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1 Constant Buzz!!
Ok im a newbie to recording, basically I got a friend making tracks and were recording vocals over the tracks using Sonar 3 and 4. I just bought a MXL 990 with a ART Tube MP Studio preamp. I have a Soundblaster live LS card and have the the preamp mic output plugged into the mic in on the card and I hear a constant buzzing sound like a bee......with the input and output levels all the way down when I cut my speakers up I still hear it.....I been reading this forum for a while and upon some suggestions tried using Line in on my card but I get no mic levels on Sonar like thiers no mic plugged in but the buzzing goes away....Help me please Im puzzled.... :?:

Currently I have a

P4 2.6 ghz
SoundBlaster Live LS card
120G 7200 drive
Ok I got a 1/4 stereo cable coming from my preamp to my card.....Of course I had to buy a 1/8 adapter so it would plug in, upon looking it is a mono 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. Should I be recording vocals only in stereo or mono...Ive got about 30 tracks recorded in mono because I read on the Sonar forum that your supposed to record vocals in mono not stereo.....Could this be my problem? I need a 1/4 to 1/8 STEREO adapter?

Sorry about alll the questions...
Nevamind.....I still had my 20 db boost on my comp turned up from my old mic.....It's cured now....

Thanks for tha Help.....I think
Have the same problem as JayMacc.

Found this forum and thread via Google'ing.

JayMacc, what did you do to fix it ?