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Thread USB2 speed vs PCI speed

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1 USB2 speed vs PCI speed
I have to change my sound card because mine is now so outdated that the drivers are not supported by windows xp.

I have a fortissimo II that I like a lot but it sometimes stops working with Cakewalk and the only way to bring it back is to re-install the drivers.

So now I have two options:

- Use the motherboard sound card
- Buy a new sound card. If I buy a new one usb seems like a nice choice since I could use it with the laptop too but I am concerned about being able to play tracks and record at the same time over a USB2 connection.

Anyone here doing audio and midi playback and recording at the same time over USB2? Ever had any problems?
Usb 2 is good, but I don't know any soudcards suports it. M-audio cards supports only usb 1.1.

I wrote email to them about usb 2 and they sad that they have no ploans for usb 2.0 cards. :(
when it comes to sound cards, pci will always be the best for desktops. simply because of the almost non-exsistent latency and the fast transfers.
although firewire cards and usb are nice, in my opinion pci card are the most effective and reliant.