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Thread Need advice about SoundCard...

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Topic Need advice about SoundCard...
Hi there...

I need some advice with sound cards.I'm planning to get a new one and have trouble deciding which one to buy...

It will be used for home recordings from turntables and
house,garage,tehc-house music production...also is it better to buy USB midi keyboard or a "normal" one...

My budget is $300 for a sound card..

thanx in advance...
I suggest you one of M-audio soundcards and usb midicontroler.
Hi...thanx for the answer...

Yeah I was looking the M-Audio cards..and I was thinking of 1010LT but then one guy said that it's a nightmare to always go behind your comp every time you need something plug in/out and that it was not a good idea from M-Audio to leave the cables out because of noise and the dust on cables....so he suggested the 1010 series but as I saw it only has 1/4'' ins and outs...

Do you have M-Audio!?any experience?

(lahko bi ti tole tud v slovenšcini napisal samo potem nihce nebo razumel :) )
If you need 10 inputs than buy delta10/10 but if you need less inputs I suggest you omni studio. (delta 66 card and Omni interface which has 2 mic preams included and some other stuff)

Yes do not buy delta 10/10 lt because it IS inghtmare. Only solution for delta 10/10 lt is homemade outside rack.