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Thread Purchasing a Multi Input soundcard

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1 Purchasing a Multi Input soundcard
I have finally decided to get rid of my Guillemot ISIS. I know some of you probably had this soundcard too in their rig at one point or another. It did not work that bad for me. Unfortunately this soundcard will never work under XP or 2000 so I need to change it.

My first intention was to buya RME Hammerfall card with an ADAT Converter (probably the Behringer ADAT8000) as my main concern is the stability of the system. But so many good products are being released in USB or Firewire format that I'm now totally lost.

The Presonus Firestation for instance seems like an excellent product for instance.

Any recommandation, advice would be much appreciated.
I am also interested in this, specifically for recording. Can anybody tell me what's on the market to meet these specifications:
* external audio interface
* portable, usable with laptop (probably with its own mains power supply)
* four or more XLR inputs
* 24/96 sampling
* firewire interface

Am I going to end up paying more than the cost of the laptop?

Thanks for any (polite) suggestions
John Wexler
Hi John,
what I can tell you is that Firewire audio interfaces are a growing market right now. Watch out for the numerous interfaces tahat were presented at the NAMM and should be available soon on th market. I refer to some of them in my NAMM Report on this forum
Hi John,

I refer the ESI Wami Rack 192X check it at www.esi-pro.com