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Thread Sound Card Belly Up

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1 Sound Card Belly Up
Hi All,

I have an ultra-basic set up. Shure dynamic mic to a $100 Behringer mixer (Euro something something) to my input port to Cakewalk Music Creator 2. I was using the integrated sound card that came on my pc (1 year old, Windows XP, etc.) My hobby is ultra-low maintenance, and I only record a track at the time, always through the one mic. But yesterday, I got a message I barely paid attention to from Windows, and now, no sound. No sound card, no dvd sound, no cute little windows jingle when I boot up. Nothing. Not even a little speaker icon in the bottom right corner. So...

Do the low end Audio Interfaces from Behringer replace what my sound card did? They have one for 30 clams that's USB and on for 80 that's firewall. I feel sure most real recordists will say to get something better, but I only want to get back to where I was before my motherboard puked up all sound.

One more thing... the $80 model that uses firewall has two firewall ports on the back. My computer has one firewall port. Is that trouble?

Thanks for ANY help,