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Thread Advice on Audio Interface

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1 Advice on Audio Interface
Hi guys,

I'm new to recording and am really confused about the cables used in audio interfaces and their connection, would really appreciate some help!

I'll get a Shure PG58 or SM58, so that uses an XLR cable. Does that mean my audio interface needs to have an XLR port for the mic? Does that mean I cannot use a cheap USB audio interface like Behringer UCA202 because the mic will not be able to connect to it? If so, is there any way to get around that?

I have a really small budget for the audio interface.. <$60, does anyone know of a reasonable one that can plug in an XLR cable (I'm assuming that since the Shure mics use XLR cables i need one with that function). Thanks!!
Hello Matthias,

You can find XLR/jack cables to connect your mic to an interface that only uses jack inputs.
Most of us would rather use an XLR/XLR jack this solution is also handy for beginners.
$60 is a really low budget, I would rather buy that XLR/jack cable and wait to save a bit more and buy a better interface (I'm sure you can get a decent second-hand interface for $150). What you have to take into account when choosing an audio interface is the quality of the analog to digital converters, and good ones are quite expensive.

Cheers !

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