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Thread MOTU Microbook 2 vs. PHASE x64

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1 MOTU Microbook 2 vs. PHASE x64

Have a little question to people who feel more experienced in this field - what's the big difference between those two soundcards Microbook and Phase? Why is there such a big difference in cost - Microbook costs 229 eur on thomann but Phase costs only 85? Although it seems that even in Phase it has more things than in Microbook, as it has MIDI in-outs for example etc. So can someone please explain what is the big diiference between them, why i should pay more than 100 eur more for device that is pretty much the same than cheaper one. I'm looking for a soundcard for home-recording, electronic production + using it in live dj-sets aswell.


Thanks for sharing! Cheers! x)

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