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Thread Using a basic microphone with my audiointerface ... help !

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1 Using a basic microphone with my audiointerface ... help !
Hey !
I have recently purchased an Avid Fast Track duo for my desktop in order to record my guitare and also to properly benefit my KRK speakers. I also game with my friends on skype, but I realized that my cheap 3.5mm microphone does not work with my audio interface (even with an 1/4 adapter). And if I try using my onboard soundcard for the mic only, my pc crashes (probably because of the 2 interfaces used at the same time)...

So my question is this : is it possible to make it work ? If the answer is no, will a usb microphone work ? Or will it also need my integrated sound card and thus make my pc crash ?

Thanks for your help I desperate to start using high audio quality XD
My guess is that the problem is with your "cheap 3.5mm microphone." I would either try a better quality mic (with an XLR output) or a USB mic. Best of luck.
Thanks for your reply, yes I will definitely try a usb soon, in the meantime I am using a second computer for skype, witch I plug in my sound-card through an 1/4 input (as if my second laptop was a mic) seems to work pretty well, but not the most convenient XD
It does sound a tad complicated, but, hey, whatever works, right? ;) Hopefully, the USB mic will simplify things for you.