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kjoline 10/12/2005

Roland GI-20 : kjoline's user review


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To facilitate purchase of the GI20 phase composition and DLIR me a little with the sounds of space on my guitar!
I use it EXCLUSIVELY at home, connected to a PC with Cubase SX and Reason.
Config of my pc:
-Proc: Athlon 2.4GHz
RAM: 512MB
-Sound Card: Waveterminal 192M
The GI20 is plugged into usb. No user bp (latent or otherwise)
this seems normal since the GI20 does all the work and sends the information noon as would any MIDI keyboard.
I use it with the GK3 install on a Epiphone Les Paul Custom.
It is possible to connect the two controllers GI20 type on / off pedals and an expression.
The french manual is well done, clear and easy to understand.


Using the original drivers, as given by the satisfaction they bring, I did not even know if battle there was another version.
Those delivered with the GI20 is stable (I'm running WinXP pro).
I mainly use Cubase SX and Reason 2.5.
All machines can be controlled without Reason bp.
Vsti For Cubase SX is the same, is as simple to use with my MIDI keyboard.
The latency was not noticeable. It's a real serious in bonheur.Meme
I redirect the output on my analog GI20 Marshall.100VS and no pb (I read on the forum that met some of the levels bp).
Bp encountered only I can not send each string to a DIFFERENT channel (that is, having a string instrument).
The manual explains how to do, but its not working! I do not lose hope because APRS by making contact with other members of Audiofanzine those they assure me that it works ... patience !!...


I use the GI20 for 15 days now.
I'm really happy with this purchase.
I did not test other converters, but I have been advised by members of Audiofanzine ... and I do not regret it!!
The report qualitprix is ​​quite correct.
GI20 Rglage the super simple (sensitivity ropes and assign controllers or other)
Warning => clean game requires all MIDI is transmitted, even the strings that are brushes!


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