Roland GR-20
Roland GR-20

GR-20, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

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achemene 10/20/2005

Roland GR-20 : achemene's user review


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Here I have the GR20 for 2 weeks, and I am very happy:
for sound is great, except the sounds of guitar, classical, 12 string ...
but for all the rest is really very very cool
for the fawn to play, it is indeed well get used on the other hand, the fact of putting a trumpet by exemlple, make you go naturally into the trip of the instrument, and that's really cool.

the small problem is that the GR20 is not multitimbral, that is to say that when you record multiple MIDI tracks separately, you can not listen to them simultaneously, with each one of its gr20!
you must pass them one by one front audio.

and is not write in the doc!
So I took the lead one week not understand why its not working!

otherwise latent level, y 'no,
sensor mounting much easier than I thought (about 1 hour)) depending on the curvature of the strings of your scratch!



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