Roland GR-20
Roland GR-20

GR-20, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

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Vojna Poema 05/01/2005

Roland GR-20 : Vojna Poema's user review


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here it is a reasonably priced package that includes the pedal and the sensor
found on the order of the sensor always two switches up / down or assignable functions, a knob worthy of the name, and + ieurs accessories to fix the sensor, even on a les paul style skyscraper
Crankset: 2 switches and sustain transposer or assignable functions, a pedal and the minimum edit the sounds directly, attack, release, dosage chorus, delay and reverb mix, depending on whether the patch contains or Mon lautre and patch level
+ Above, switches to the cutoff frequency, resonance, 2 -2 transposition and dynamics.
In summary, if you want to push away said dune pcm, fo go another model many German + expensive (Axon)
In any case here, the sounds are super dune quality, frankly, and ds ttes families dinstrus: piano, organ, bass, gt, etc ... you will find something for everyone

MIDI IN / OUT ..... mix in stereo (for a return of your guitar effect, all will be mixed gk20 ds), gk and obviously in stereo out ....... all is lanalogik jacks


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