Reiep 05/27/2013

Apogee Jam : Reiep's user review

«  Compact and efficient »

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Mini guitar interface for Apple (iDevice or Mac) devices. A guitar input, a gain setting with multicolor LED (green is good, orange careful, it saturates red), and a digital output. Attention to the latter: it is proprietary and non-USB format, it must be careful not to lose the cable, a bad point. Cables for iDevice (30 pins, so attention to new devices) and Mac.
The quality is okay, I would have appreciated a greater weight, Jam moves depending on the mood of the guitar cable, and a dock or USB in order to supply an iDevice while using the Jam input.

No drivers, one button, one input, one output, immediately recognized by Ampkit on an iPad 3. Imperceptible latency. It could not be simpler.
A reproach with a guitar equipped with EMG 18V, leave the gain at least under penalty of saturation.

Again, because of its simplicity, it is difficult to fault the Jam.

A compact plug 'quality solution for the traveling guitarist. Given the interface Ampkit Peavey the difference is obvious, no breath, no, noise gate in the required presets disappeared.
The only two complaints are the price, the Jam is quite expensive, especially owners cables. Apart from that, it's all good.