yoTrakkz 10/11/2011

Apogee Jam : yoTrakkz's user review

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If you're using an iPad or iPhone, this is the way to get your instrument and audio signals into them to record, etc.! Built in A/D conversion and superior sound through the dock connector. No feedback from poor separation in the circuitry like iRig. Yeah, it's more expensive, but not as expensive as buying an adapter, then throwing it away and buying this anyway.

The Apogee Jam is a nice piece of equipment, simple, elegant and gets enough juice into Garage band to use their effects. My guitar, which is the same cheap one I got to learn guitar, sounded very clear and nice. I cannot imagine how well it will sound when I upgrade to a better guitar. Low Latency as well.

Very easy to get started. Plug and Play.

Overall, After reading hundreds of reviews (good & bad) of the iRig & Peavey Amp Kit interfaces for iPad, I was concerned with reported problems and decided to wait for the Apogee JAM to arrive. Just bought one and glad I did!
Out of the box simple! Plug one end into the iPad dock port and your guitar in the JAM input and off you go. Has a handy input level control with colored LED's to let you know if output signal gets too hot.
Plugged in my Tele and was recording a song in Garage Band in minutes. Sound quality was excellent - tried all GB amp models and effects and had no problems with noise, signal loss or latency. Granted, it's still no substitute for live sound (no modeling set-up really is) but for recording guitar ideas with Garage Band it's near perfect! Although like the others, it's still made of plastic (for $99 a metal casing would have been better) but JAM seems very well made. No input jack issues (like Amp Kit), no level problems (like iRig). Get one!