IK Multimedia iRig Pro
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Makos 03/05/2014

IK Multimedia iRig Pro : Makos's user review

«  iRig Pro ... it does the job! »

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I use this interface for several months in mobile mode. Once Mac, once on iPhone 4s, one on iPad. I plugged it and everything possible to connect. Guitars, of course, basses, microphones, midi keyboard. It makes the job without flinching.
Side converter is correct. The gain knob is a real plus to adjust the power of the input source. Does not send a humbucker as a single, a microphone is different from another. MIDI pass without any worry and allows you to control everything that meets this standard on your "device".
What it lacks to be "perfect"? : A stereo line input, midi output (there is only one entry), a USB port for powering the iBidule that serves as your studio and why not use input / output audio / midi .. . let crazy ;-)
I will not speak of the software bundle (via registration and download) available with because I have not tested. I use GarageBand and JamUp XT iMachin and Logic on Mac and it's more than enough.
Generally satisfied with the iRig, I recommend it.