MeldaProduction Audio Plug-ins news

  • EQs in MeldaProduction’s honor for 3 days
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    EQs in MeldaProduction’s honor for 3 days

    05/07/14 in MeldaProduction MFreeformEqualizer

    For the next three days, you can purchase three EQ plug-ins at half price at the MeldaProduction online store.

  • MeldaProduction MMultiBandComb

    MeldaProduction MMultiBandComb

    09/23/13 in MeldaProduction MMultiBandComb

    Its Comb Filter Month at MeldaProduction ! After the free MComb, the brand launches the MMultiBandComb plug-in.

  • New MeldaProduction MComb free filter plug-in

    New MeldaProduction MComb free filter plug-in

    09/17/13 in MeldaProduction MComb

    MeldaProduction adds to the MFreeEffectsBundle the MComb multi-comb filter plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

  • A Leslie cab effect by MeldaProduction

    A Leslie cab effect by MeldaProduction

    09/09/13 in MeldaProduction MVintageRotary

    MeldaProduction launched MVintageRotary, a new rotary simulation plug-in based on the Leslie cabs with advanced features.

  • -50% off MeldaProduction Spectral effects
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    -50% off MeldaProduction Spectral effects

    09/02/13 in MeldaProduction MWobbler

    MeldaProduction lowers the price of all its spectral effect plug-ins in september.

  • -50% off MedalProduction 'Auto' plug-ins
    Special price

    -50% off MedalProduction 'Auto' plug-ins

    08/07/13 in MeldaProduction MAutoAlign

    MeldaProduction debuted its Auto August special offer with -50% off all its plug-ins featuring the word 'Auto' until the end of the month.

  • -50% off MeldaProduction modulation effects
    Special price

    -50% off MeldaProduction modulation effects

    06/11/13 in MeldaProduction MWobbler

    MeldaProduction launched the Modulated June offer during which you can get all their modulation effect plug-ins at half price.

  • MeldaProduction launched MWobbler

    MeldaProduction launched MWobbler

    04/26/13 in MeldaProduction MWobbler

    MeldaProduction announced the release of MWobbler, a distortion filter plug-in for Mac and Windows available for the introductory price of 20€.

  • MeldaProduction MStereoGenerator

    MeldaProduction MStereoGenerator

    09/16/12 in MeldaProduction MStereoGenerator

    MeldaProduction has announced the release of MStereoGenerator, an artificial stereo image generator.

  • Melda: v5.02, MAutoPitch & MOscillator

    Melda: v5.02, MAutoPitch & MOscillator

    07/05/11 in MeldaProduction MAutoPitch

    MeldaProduction has released version 5.02 of its effect plugins, including the release of MAutoPitch and MOscillator, two new free effect plugins for Windows and Mac.