Sonnox Restore
Sonnox Restore

Restore, Audio restauration software from Sonnox.

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Sonnox Restore

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Sonnox has announced the release of Sonnox Restore, its new suite of plug-ins for professional audio restoration.

Sonnox Restore is a suite of three plug-ins - Oxford DeClicker, Oxford DeBuzzer and Oxford DeNoiser - designed to accurately restore audio recordings that are impaired.

Restore features algorithms and novel features that allow fast and extremely effective removal of pops, clicks, crackles, scratches, hum, buzzes and extraneous background noise from virtually any recording.

Capable of high quality audio repairs, the three plug-ins are intuitive and easy to use, with each interface providing detailed graphical feedback, benefiting the user by saving time which of course is critical in the post-production process.

  • Three sections with individual thresholds and controls: DePop, DeClick and DeCrackle.
  • Event display gives intuitive visual feedback of energy and duration of detected events.
  • 'Exclude Box' to select events that should not be repaired.
  • Dialogue Mode that allows two separate sets of control settings distinguished by input level.
  • Excitation displays to aid accurate setting of threshold controls.
  • Three audition modes, including option to listen to only removed events.
  • Advanced algorithms for accurate detection and high quality repair.

  • High performance hum and buzz removal using advanced algorithms.
  • Separate Detect and Remove Sections for intuitive workflow.
  • Scalable high resolution FFT of input signal shows strongest harmonics and removal filter.
  • Very accurate setting of fundamental over 3 frequency ranges.
  • Integrating frequency display shows strength of fundamental.
  • Tracking mode can be set to Automatic or Fast to follow fundamentals that wander in frequency, or to Freeze for fundamentals that vary in amplitude.
  • Choice of removal filters: Comb for general purpose narrow removal over many harmonics, or Parametric EQ for a more musical removal over a small set of harmonics.
  • Two audition modes, including option to listen to the removed buzz.

  • High performance noise removal using advanced algorithms.
  • Separate DeHisser, Detect and Remove Sections for intuitive workflow.
  • High resolution FFT of input signal showing noise profile.
  • Efficient DeHisser for preparation before wide-band noise reduction.
  • Detector noise profile can be set to automatic, freeze or manual.
  • Noise threshold and reduction are controllable in frequency bands using adjustable bias curve.
  • Two audition modes, including the option to listen to the removed noise.
  • Warmth control for sweetening after noise removal.
  • Make-up gain for true A/B comparisons.

It is available for Mac OS X and Windows in VST, AU and RTAS plug-in platforms at a cost of £1,195.

Exchange programme for Sony Restoration Tools owners
Registered owners of the Sony Restoration Tools can exchange their old licenses for the new Sonnox Restore suite and get a discount on the retail price.

he full retail price of the Sonnox Restore is £1,195 and the discounted price when accompanied by the surrender of a Sony Restoration Tools licence is £895. This exchange offer is available until February 28th 2010.
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