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Thread Tascam 688 multi track midi studio

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1 Tascam 688 multi track midi studio
I'm just seeking your kind advice,
I own a beautiful Tascam 688 multi track midi studio
(I even have a De magnetizer in order of looking after the tape heads)
I did with this equipment some amazing recording, it has great sound,
It is stored at my friends house in another country,
but sadly things change, and they no longer have the space to store it for me.
I live now in Australia now,
and it is too expensive to ship it to me,
I am very sad to think about getting rid of it as I still believe it is a great quality recording studio,
I am not sure what to do with the Tascam 688 now,
as I don't have anywhere else to keep it safe in storage,
-could you please advice me if it has still any value and demand?
many thanks
have a wonderful day