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Thread Comments about the news item: Avid Divests Consumer Businesses

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1 Comments about the news item: Avid Divests Consumer Businesses
Avid has decided to focus on its Media Enterprise and Post & Professional customers, and divest from its consumer businesses.

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This thread was created automatically after the publishing of a news item for this product. Feel free to post your comments here!
What ARE we home recording musicians SUPPOSED to think of this? Does this mean that even though AVID will continue to develope Pro Tools, but InMusic will be left to say keeping updated software like M-Audio's Hypercontrol for the Axiom Pro controller line? Does this mean that since AVID's MP version of Pro Tools, which is more CONSUMER-ORIENTED, now perhaps a thing of history? "RESTRUCTURING" could easily be read as near-bankruptcy, so why the matter-in-facrt news release with no explaination of exactly HOW this is to affect aspiring musicians that in this dire economy can hardly afford AVID's price for each update of their products? REAPER is looking better and better every day because as it stands now when one calls AVID for support, they require to know what PC, processor, graphics card, etc. that one is using and based on whether it is deemed an APPROVED system for AVID, that promised support after dropping five hundred plus dollars goes out the door...been there and done that. I personally hope AVID is realizing that with SO MANY VSTi synths out there,AVID's propriatory RTAS format pushes many away when there's so much more out there that is vst/au and remains that way unless AVID can milk all the little guys and sound designers of money. This news just makes a person ask MANY questions that AVID decided it best to DIVEST than INVEST in their loyal and professional customer base! Seems EVERYTHING goes to DIE and doomed for only the DJ market with InMusic. Just HOW MANY midi controllers can you produce before you flood the market? The answer to that was about 8 years ago! M-Audio/AVID's VENOM SYNTH---huge failure!

"Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding." Proverbs 2:2-3