Deering Goodtime 2
Deering Goodtime 2

Goodtime 2, Banjo from Deering in the Goodtime series.

lavoi 12/25/2011

Deering Goodtime 2 : lavoi's user review

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Bluegrass banjo with rsonateur manufactured in the United States Spring Valley, California, 5-string
Rsonateur Saddle Diameter 13 7 / 8 "or 35.3 cm
Skin Diameter 11 "or 28 cm
Standard 22 fret neck
Banjo first prize in their range
No Ring Tone, 16 brackets


handle stocky, enjoyable, but there is no key reports, the frets are INSRE in the handle itself. head-neck junction is not a whistle but a cut splice in the style mortise and tenon. The banjo is well equilibrated trslger it will be quickly realized because the banjo does not tend "nosedive" downward, which is very apprciable ...
The main quality is the sound, clear and punchy with harmonics, the rsonateur in particular, is of standard size and is very well manufactured.
The mcaniques they are quality type guitar (from the 5th string Obviously) and is also good (I would say even better, because if they change problem is simplified.
Oddly, the "armrest" is a bit lev against the skin but you get done quickly


The sounds are all done bluegrass, there are sound clarity so you hear all the good String separately. Despite the absence of ring tone, the volume was surprising.


I use it for 6 months. Dj banjo with a goldtone CC50RP, I recommend the Deering, though rather more expensive, but a quality of its much better suprieure and manufactured base even if the finishes are below the goldtone . Indeed no points taken on the edge of the handle of Deering (which is a shame for a long sleeve trs banjo!), But then a satin varnish trs trs end, and a banjo supplied without accessories (no cl allen clamping sleeve, cl not to tighten the brackets). Oh yes, you will be provided if you save your Deering banjo on the site a little booklet with banjo maintenance of the small booklet "The Way to Happiness" by Ron Hubbard of Scientology!
But I'm happy with my dj Deering ...