Behringer Bass V-amp
Behringer Bass V-amp

Bass V-amp, Bass Amp Simulator from Behringer in the V-Amp series.

mercidoct 05/01/2004

Behringer Bass V-amp : mercidoct's user review


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For this part I note STRID because I think that that is not used to this kind of hardware is a bit "galrer" to the first rglages that work r results. Even if it is fairly easy to build on the existing presets. I think the documentation is not enough complte. Now I always felt like other musicians Audio fanzine, it's fun to look silent at home since a same operation can be more independent with his instrument, better understanding.


The effects are effective! notammament the distos which I find quite striking in existing presets. sr good is not worth a certain ddies pedals, but I think each game is also essential to sound his guitar. As for the bass again I find myself aisment simulation Trace elliot amps or amp used by Motown (see James Jamerson!) Are really close to what I tried in rel. But I use an Ibanez 5 string bass with many default Ibanez electric guitar and an imitation strato rather old. I tried to make it acoustic and I russi from banks 22 and 15 find a sound that suits me, without much galer sr a Martin acoustic or other in his formidable. I have 3 preset affect the simulated speaker and amp simulation with a white panel and the reverb lgre done!


I've had 15 days and that's really what I expected from this machine. prampli one to attack my desk mix Yamaha MG 12 / 4 and a valid prampli to get my guitar as electric without changing instruments during certain sets. Report qualitprix "incredible!" I would add that Alphonso Johnson presets are ideal for me that I play. I even tried my keyboard with Studiologic NS5R expander Korg keyboards and sounds for it's great to give a nice color to the sound. Sr Although if I had more resources I would take a POD but for the price and quality in the same situation I would do this choice.