Line 6 Bass POD
Line 6 Bass POD

Bass POD, Bass Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

MGR/yellowdragon82 12/16/2002

Line 6 Bass POD : MGR/yellowdragon82's user review

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Bought it at Mars Music (R.I.P) in Arlington Texas
It was a display the last one in the store since they had a going out of buisness sale. Paid $200!!! for it.

The modeling and effects are top notch. So many to choose from. It's moderately easy to use to.

The "gianormous" ammount of selection is kinda overwhelming. Not a dislike it just I am so indecisive that it becomes hard to choose.
It's also not the PODs fault that Im not too technically inclined and have a hard time with all the nobs.

Its plastic, light wieght, and I would slit my wrists if I dropped the little bugger.

Its a great preamp but a better recording device (I have yet to use it for the latter...but plan on it). Most impotantly READ THE MANUAL!!! I had to download one from Go Line 6, go!

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