Tech 21 SansAmp RBI
Tech 21 SansAmp RBI

SansAmp RBI, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

Applebite 11/05/2003

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI : Applebite's user review


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Bon ben not much to say here no presets, no LCD display, a switch on / off, another to bypass the effect of simulated amps and get a simple DI, 8 potentiomtres: Drive, Presence, Blend (shuffled his line by line its not the amp simulator), Bass, Mid, Treble, and Master Level XLR (for a master XLR outputs). Remains between a jack faade and basta!

Rear face: jack and XLR outputs (with-20dB pad) in both cases with an exit "Uneffected" and output "No Amp", FX loop with switch 50-50 (that is: either you let 100 of its respect for your belongings or limit yourself to 50%), in and out for footswitches and a second between Line / Instrument with-20db pad too.

Voil ... What more? Output numrique you tell me! OK ... but it works so well without a. Long live the transistor!


The manual is useless adjacent to that used an amp or a prampli ... 8 potentiomtres that classic ... Good as it is in English (will I lose it in French? I do not believe, moreover a m'empche do not sleep!) Which can interfere some.

The edition sound is clear, the only problem is that we find so many excellent sounds that can sometimes choose ... But, hey, when you search a particular sound can be found fairly easily, the hardest so the right amount and blend prsence.


The range of sound is excellent you can find old 70's type well Who or Pink Floyd to modern sounds good prcis, which for a sense pramp reproduce sounds of tube amp is pleased Does not hurt.
The distortion (drive) is good plutt, trs lamp: it respects the grain of your instrument and never aggressive.
The corrections are effective and trs, l still can not get any sound prs.

I use it on frte, fretless, and I even branch above my bass, not a cash problem at all and there is always a sound adapted the instrument (in m my time on the basses I find it really useful pramp this: one amp against a lamp? blah ...) so long as we take the time to hack.

Only problem: my own breath! Scne of no importance but Gnant studio when looking crystal clear sound ... -2 For a same direction as it is when a machine be made to the stud.


I use it for 2 years. Nothing to say I am satisfied compltement. I used a Line6 Bass Pod formerly Pro which I quickly dbarrasser (edition impractical, sounds more or less good, too many gadgets ...). The one branch, three potentiomtres you turn and go ... And the sound is!
When I see the price of the Bass Pod Pro I died laughing. I pay my 300 RBI (nine, if I if!), And a sound point of view, it buries the Pod!
A short trs good machine that I recommend even when testing whether you are a rat studio: the breath, if all be common s'averrrait RBI, would you want to look elsewhere .
This hand set is a box of machine!