Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
iamqman 03/20/2011

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus : iamqman's user review

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I had this hooked to my bass rig a few years ago and it never failed me. It is a solid bass chorus pedal that doesn't add any distortion or overdrive to the bass tone but a subtle liquid modulation that beefs up the spectrum of the tone. I was unsure at first when presented this little pedal, but to my surprise it quickly became a staple of my personal tone. The lay out as follows...

- Low filter lets lowest frequencies through unaffected
- Controls for level, low filter, rate, and depth
- LEDs show status of controls
- One touch on/off switch


Pretty easy pedal to dial in. It all depends on how much or how less of a chorus effect you need or want in your signal. Not a true bypass pedal so it will be locking up your tone at all times. You can easily send it off to someone to get modified for true bypass if desired. I just kept it on at all times and used it in a gentle way as to not cramp my tone or dominate the signal.

There is only four knobs and like all Boss boxes it is pretty self explanatory. The more you increase the low filter and depth the more that the pedal is going to be in your mix. Those two controls really determine how you are going to sound when using this device. I generally ran everything around noonish give or take to achieve my tone.

You can also run this pedal in stereo to create a sort of synth sound that sound very huge. The pedal in general is very warm and smooth sounding and when you are able to run it in stereo the range just opens completely up.


The sound is amazing! I find that the more this pedal is engaged the more I want to play the bass. The lush chorus modulation provides a depth that is very inspiring to play with. Keep the low filter down and listen how the pedal creates a old bass synth sound familiar to 70's style radio and television broadcasts. Another cool way to run this pedal is to have the depth to around 5:00, the rate around 12;00 , and the filter all the way'll get a very usable high frequency bass chorus that sounds creamy but retains your original bass notes in tact.

I ran this with a Raven Labs preamp into a a QSC with a Warick bass 4 string. I had quite a cheap setup but I found that this pedal sounded like I had a lot more invested than I really did. I also was using a Trace Elliot 4x10 cab. It was an easy setup for a simple bass rig, but the rig sounded huge. Couple this pedal with a little overdrive from your bass amp or another pedal and you have got one thick sounding tone.


Great pedal for bass expansion. I have not tried it for guitar as I already own many chorus pedals for guitar. The thing I like least about it was probably the true bypass thing. I wish Boss would step up the deal and make their items with this feature. I would pay a little extra to have it standard true bypass then have somebody do it for me.

It is a very inexpensive item at around $90 and you can probably pick one up for half that on the used market. If it ever got lost or stolen I would probably pick up another unit. It gives a huge sound to a flat sounding bass rig. If chorus isn't your thing then I would try a Boss bass OD pedal to get little effect to your bass rig. A flat sounding bass rig is boring.

I would recommend any bass player at least try this pedal. You may not like it but at least give it a shot in a band mix too.