Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
FateFelledVictim 10/18/2008

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus : FateFelledVictim's user review


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This pedal is a straight up chorus. There is no overdrive or other things, but a nice sounding chorus modulation effect. You can turn up the rate and get a Tremolo sound, which is pretty cool if that's what you are in to. You cannot edit the effects on a computer, nor can you hook up to the rack. There are inputs and outputs for the mixer, amp and guitar. There is also a jack for the power supply.


The configuration of the pedal is extremely simple, and pretty much happens on its own. All you do is turn the knobs and play the guitar to see if you like the effect or not, then edit it to your own specifications. The manual is very clear, but is not really needed.


The effects on this pedal are some of the best chorus sounds I've heard from my bass. It has a dark sound, yet with a little tweaking, you can turn it into anything. I use it on my Dean Edge 10 and it sounds absolutely amazing. My favorite is the depth of the pedal. It allows you to edit the chorus's sound by making it almost more hollow sounding. The rate I don't really use all too often. I use it about halfway or a little less than halfway up. The full sound gives you tremolo like accents.


I have been using it for only a month, and I wish I had found it sooner. It adds depth and character to any bass beat. I use it for my metal band, and it works wonders on the overall sound. I am the bassist and the drummer for the band, so I am constantly looking for things to improve the beats, and this is a jewel to have. I tried pretty much every other chorus from Marshall, Digitech, Ernie Ball, and Electro Harmonix and this blew them away. The price is reasonable for how usable this pedal is. I never play without it now. Knowing what I know now, I would have bought this pedal when I first started playing bass. Amazing pedal.