JMB-Experience Anaconda
JMB-Experience Anaconda

Anaconda, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from JMB-Experience.

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Jerome1983 11/27/2009

JMB-Experience Anaconda : Jerome1983's user review


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Fuzz effect pedal for bass (also guitar and synth, but I have not tried).
Metallic box, 6 knobs:
- Dry Volume
- Wet Volume
- Blend

100% analogue
Battery or adapter (boss) 9V

Completely hand made in France ...


There is no manual per se.
I just had trouble understanding the subtleties between the knobs for volume and blend ... I sent an email to the manufacturer - also very friendly and very available, which gave me all the necessary explanations.
And that's only because I wanted to know what are the buttons that I shoot, but otherwise you can ring the pedal very quickly and easily! Given the range of its accessible, it must of course spend some time to have a particular effect.


The effects are just huge!
The strength of this pedal is the ability to mix the sound effects before and after effect (BLEND). The sound palette is very broad. In addition the control allows knob to ring the fuzz bass to acute.

The pedal has a little more, BUZZ volume pot that adds "noise" quite funny. I like to use it to smear the sound a bit and break a fuzz that would become too slick. Cranked, this sounds can come out knob boggles the mind. (It slightly compresses the sound too).

Otherwise it is a true bypass, suddenly you're never bored on stage in case of failure of battery or AC adapter burnt, you do not have to remove the pedal connection to continue playing. That's all the same BOSS idiot but do not do that!


I pedal past 6 months.
I love the range of sounds this pedal makes it possible. The settings are easy to make.
The quality / price is very good. The pedal is a bit expensive but you will understand why using it ...
Not to mention the excellent business relationship with the manufacturer. If you have questions about the pedal, contact directly:
I would do without this choice problem!