JMB-Experience Anaconda
JMB-Experience Anaconda

Anaconda, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from JMB-Experience.

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JMB-Experience Anaconda : Anonymous 's user review


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It sagit dune pedals for fuzz LOW FRANCE Fully made by hand by JMB Experience. Its a craftsman down at Le Mans that Mount deffets its box. Cest so rare in FRANCE quil should be emphasized!

ANACONDA is just out, I bought lai few days ago.

FUZZ This may also be appropriate for a guitar or a fear SYNTHE as seen on the video:

The sound is close trs trs dune Zvex Woolly Mammoth.

It possde 6 rglages

1. DRY (its volume sec): acts as BOOST, add the dry dB.
2. WET (fuzz sound volume)
3. BLEND (mix the dry / saturated): the super addition to the pedals!
4. TONE (Tone fuzz)
5. BUZZ (compress, adds parasites)
6. FUZZ (gain)

So the big addition to the pedals EST BLEND. It allows you to mix the dry / saturated allowing a LOW to keep the sound nice and dry so low and the right dajouter ncessaire saturation.

Cest FUZZ trs important because many low frequencies and eat out a lot daigues, cest why often you should use a schedule MIXER pedals. Here cest not worth it!

The case is aluminum type MXR mga robust painting matte is white. Clean finish, handmade craftsmanship.

9V battery or conventional lintrieur.


Really super easy. By keeping the BLEND 0 we have that sound dry, with boostable DRY VOL.

BLEND Gently increasing the ceremonial FUZZ .. This is fabulous BLEND jai finally saturated its just a way I want, not my nest turns into LOW GUITAR!

The BUZZ is trs fun. This dirty sound, compress lextrme, said the parasite, the buzz.

The TONE is trs effective, it acts only on the saturated part of the sound, not dry.

The FUZZ does its job: the nice and big nag ..


Nothing wrong, cest fat, clean, round, soft, liquid a joy to play with. Jai exactly the sounds of bassist Muse Time is running out or Hysteria example.

The color is more natural FUZZ quune BIG MUFF, less compressed.

With a thundering GUITAR cest because you get shuffled to a dry and saturated. Can be made with a soft arpges trs doubling its saturated in the background! Jazz play chords complex (m7, M7) with the clear and saturated trs net ..! Amazing what BLENDER. Jai never heard such a thing with pedals GUITAR.


Trs's beautiful stuff, handmade in FRANCE, 3 Year WARRANTY In addition JMB trs is available and helpful.

Go there with closed eyes.