Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700
Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700

Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700, Bass Eq/Enhancer from Behringer.

mindfenris 11/10/2005

Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700 : mindfenris's user review


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The effect is an analog equalizer 7-band + to a low level,
it is the same technology used by its equivalent boss


The sound editing is simple and more practical
no manual and a box of the summary of anything that protects against shocks, behringer put on paper the economy in terms of the doc!
2 problems with this pedal: the plastic case of dubious quality and, above all, the battery compartment, very poorly thought digitech at home, the difference is that you have to extremely careful not to lose the spring Recall located inside


I tried the effect with a fender and a US serial S1 ampeg BA115, the adjustment is done safely (if you know what you want of course, this pedal allows more subtlety of its sound


I use it for three weeks is really a great pedal a sound point of view and setting after major flaws lie in the quality of the housing and battery compartment,
Compared to the Boss version, the behringer is the road (provided they are super careful)
The price / quality ratio is very convincing, to 23 euros or 150 francs, the question does not arise
it only remains to see the longevity of the pedal