EWS Bass Mid Control
EWS Bass Mid Control

Bass Mid Control, Bass Eq/Enhancer from EWS.

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KimGT99 02/22/2011

EWS Bass Mid Control : KimGT99's user review

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This is a pedal mid boost / cut, which acts between 120 Hz and 3 KHz. It is adjustable from -12 to + 12dB. It is used with a battery or power supply or 9 V with a power supply 18 V.

There is 1 in, 1 out, 1 power supply plug and a button at 2 levels for the desired frequency and boost / cut. Of course there is the on / off button for which there is a blue LED. Inside there is a possibility to increase or decrease the volume in running over the bypass status. By a small hole in the ground is reached to resolve all without opening the box if you have a small screwdriver while end.

Ah yes, the whole is true bypass for those who can not do without.

The dimensions are 90/50/70 mm, so tiny.


Usage is fairly simple. Leaving aside the volume control that is inside, there are only two possible settings together in a single button: the bottom is used to designate the desired frequency up if you want to increase or cut frequency.
The manual is quite clear, there are even 2 examples for such and such a sound.

We need to be careful, however given the scale because the tiny risk pedal constantly shoving on one side. Either it is fixed with velcro or less angled jacks are used to prevent it lies on its side.


Well then, there is no effect WOW!
Mainly advocated for use with basses have only 2 settings eq (bass / treble) or passive bass, I use it with an active bass with a 3 band eq. I wanted a pedal that allows me to impose myself in the mix when I play fill-ins, etc. melodies. durants passages of dense guitar distortion. Of course I could use a full preamp etc., but especially the mids that are often overlooked but which can pierce the mix. And that is what this pedal does: it allows me to break into the mix by using more mids. Neither more nor less.


I use it a few days. As in Luxembourg were not too many ways to try, I relied on two articles in German newspapers.
The point value for money is hard to determine: the effect is what it says, nothing more. There are many other pedals 3-band, boost pedals etc.. € 171 are not too expensive because it works as it should, but ... There are certainly other options to consider.

+ Use
His +
+ Rugged
+ Optics

- Knob heavy and imprecise
- On a pedalboard: risk of constantly lying on the side (I use fixed mounted in a rack)
- Limited scope