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zikos64 05/12/2013

Acoustic 370 : zikos64's user review

«  Vintage, but what sound! »

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Head transistor 350 w (350 w which required), simple settings: volume, acute, medium, low, a five-band equalizer, a bright button to boost the treble and basta. A body (unit 301) refrigerator with a cabinet type 18 inches in the belly where the magnet is positioned in front and a vent reference sound.


Easy to use, plug and the sound is there. Ideal on a big stage or outdoors, in a bar you can not operate and if you loose the boss will introduce the note bottles broken jack!
Disadvantage: weigh the weight of a dead cow.


Its roots, excellent for rock and reggae.


I have not used for some time (bulky and heavy), but I listened a live recording of my old band with this amp: whaouuu any bass sound, the shot will make him redo the air.