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moosers 12/20/2011

Acoustic 370 : moosers's user review


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The Acoustic 370 is a bass guitar amplifier head. It’s a simple head but sounds cool and still gives you a decent amount of control. I don’t know the wattage of this amplifier and I’ve only tried it out once in the studio. The amp has two ¼” inputs in the front of it and a speaker output in the back.


It’s not at all hard to use the Acoustic 370. You’ll have plenty of EQ control which is always nice too. The main controls are knobs for volume, treble, mid-range, and bass, but you also get a five band graphic EQ for further and more specific control in the 50 Hz to 400 Hz range which can be quite important for bass guitar. It’s easy to use and a manual shouldn’t be needed.


While I haven’t recorded too many bass tracks with the 370, I’ve definitely liked the sound of it when I have used. I don’t remember the cabinet that we were using with this amp for recording but I don’t think it was an Acoustic. Any decent cabinet should do the trick. It’s not the best overall sounding bass amp I’ve used as I do prefer an Ampeg for sure. Still, it’s definitely quality and is it’s own sound that differs from an Ampeg and other bass amps.


I don’t think it would cost you too much to get your hands on an Acoustic 370 and could be a good choice for the bass player looking for a very nice amp head without springing from a top of the line new head. I don’t know how old these are but I guess they would be considered vintage at this point. You should be able to find some used to check out so I’d recommend doing so if you want a generally fairly priced bass amp head.