Ampeg Micro-VR Head
Ampeg Micro-VR Head

Micro-VR Head, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

Garbiss 02/26/2012

Ampeg Micro-VR Head : Garbiss's user review


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Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: MOSFET
Power: 150watts @ 4ohms
EQ: 3-Band
Direct Output (Balanced)
Effects loop


the handling is direct and intuitive, adjust an amp can not be simpler.
Once connected, your bass sound no matter what.
the head is small but we are at Ampeg, round sound characteristic of the brand is alive and well.


it is very versatile, you can both play Funk, Rock Hardrock that (it's live!) you will never be disappointed with the result.
I try with a 15 inch speaker in addition, the sound becomes even more thick.
you can saturate the sound by increasing the drive of the amp (typed his overdrive, not distortion).


I for 2 years, this little head was in the belly!

believe not get the sound of Ampeg amps worth 2500th, of course, but in this price range, I often spent my money for nothing and for once there is not.
I am highly satisfied with what his issues.

you will find hard to beat in this price range, in terms of practice, handling and sound (Ampeg!!)

Price / Quality unbeatable