Ampeg SVT-450H
Ampeg SVT-450H

SVT-450H, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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LostInTheSupermarket 12/23/2008

Ampeg SVT-450H : LostInTheSupermarket's user review


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350-watt (@ 4 ohms) solid-state amp, input gain with clipping LED, 3-band EQ, mid-booster function, 9-band graphic EQ, balance output on XLR, preamp jack output and power amp input, external FX loop, optocoupler limiter.

Sturdy impression.
The amp head is imposing, with a good's reassuring.


Easy to use, no useless complications.
Great sound straight away.


I have a Fender Precision and it sounds great, with a familiar tone, typically rock.
It doesn't distort the sound of the bass.


I bought it for 620 euros from dv 247 (uk)
I love its simplicity. It would've been nice to have a footswitch to activate the graphic EQ, though.