Ampeg SVT-450H
Ampeg SVT-450H

SVT-450H, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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mihomme 07/15/2008

Ampeg SVT-450H : mihomme's user review


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350-watt (@ 4 ohms) solid-state amp, input gain with clipping LED, 3-band EQ, mid-booster function, 9-band graphic EQ, balance output on XLR, preamp jack output and power amp input, external FX loop, optocoupler limiter.


Very easy to dial in, I had no problems finding my sound. The sound is always very good, very clean, precise, depending on the settings. I use it with an ampeg hlf410 cab, so...I get a great sound.
The manual is very clear.


The amp is quite versatile, I use it for different musical projects: Rock/noise, post-rock, dub...
And I always get the sound I'm looking for. If I chose ampeg was because I wanted to have a heavy, fat sound. I use it with a jazz bass aerodyne and a proco rat...And it all works fine.


I got it about 3 weeks and 3 gigs later I'm very satisfied with it. At first I was a bit disappointed by the lack of power, but I actually get more than I need (I even tested for an outdoor gig). It's definitely not a tube ampeg, but with the right settings you are not that far....
I also tried Hartke, swr, fender, HH, but I wanted the ampeg sound, so...
Granted, this amp head might be slightly more expensive than similar products, Ampeg remains a bit more expensive, but there is simply no comparison in terms of sound.
With hindsight, I would buy it again, tube amps being too restrictive to me.