Ampeg SVT-VR
Ampeg SVT-VR

SVT-VR, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

V old man on the hill 01/22/2009

Ampeg SVT-VR : V old man on the hill's user review


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Like Remsouille!


Like Remsouille!


I play (brit pop), (yuck the term) to an accuracy of 66 with no effects just good cables and a Boss TU2!
I'm a fan of control bias by leds!
The sound is impeccable and unforgettable.
The choice between Vr and the venerable SVT SVT cl me was easy!
The Vr is just above the extremely Cl which has fewer pro warm months than its big sister.
The CI does not post on its output EQ DI, have a head of the award depend on the preamp to the console seems too risky, I want my sound in my back and in the face!
And what a sound! the lamp and the great, the nobility, the great art!
Cl did not powered on another planet as Vr did, compared to the SVT III pro series which I also have a copy now become a replacement unit for the event is a great misfortune happens.


Two years of happiness!
The SVT Vr is, alas, the additional cost largely compared to the Cl
The look with the 810 BC is paradigmatic.
This combination makes it the best bass amp on the planet nine!
Metallica Neil Young! The sound palette is infinite.
Ok it's very expensive to carry and etlourd boxes backline has only very few models (often booked one month in advance) but the rewards are worth the effort.
This amp has enhanced and ennobled my vision of sound and the role of a bassist.