Ampeg SVT-4 Pro
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

SVT-4 Pro, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the SVT Pro series.

MGR/Jake - West Mountain Road Band 08/20/2004

Ampeg SVT-4 Pro : MGR/Jake - West Mountain Road Band's user review

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I purchased this unit as a new blem from a music dealer in NE Oklahoma. I paid a little under a grand for it. I need a unit that would give more power in order to cut through the mix in the clubs.

I like the power and versatility of the head. It has plenty of power with power to spare. The tone is wonderful and the sound can be altered for any song, or situation. This thing makes more different sounds than any other that I tried out. I have it hooked in with a SVT210HE and an SVT18 cab. I have ran it both bi-amp full range and bi-amp HI-LOW and it works well both ways. I am currently trying to acquire an SVT-810 cab so that I have the capability to run it mono balls to the wall.

I like eveything about the unit. If I could change anything I would ask for better knob protection. I have no problem with the way it is because I have it racked in an SKB case, however if it was not racked you would need to be very carefull not to damage the knobs due to the weight of the head.

I am very pleased with the quality and construction. The curved front face seems to really strengthen the whole thing. The rest is built of what seems to be very adequate gauge sheet metal. The jacks seem to be of very good quality and are smooth and give a good positive locked feel when pluged in.

I really enjoy this head and am now sold on Ampeg sound and quality. I can't see myself ever buying another head unless this one breaks beyond repair or I find myself needing two.

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