Ashdown AL-AD600 Amp Head
Ashdown AL-AD600 Amp Head

AL-AD600 Amp Head, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ashdown.

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finger iguana 04/25/2014

Ashdown AL-AD600 Amp Head : finger iguana's user review

«  That I was looking for »

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It is a head while transistor recall the old Trace Elliot. There is a 12-band equalizer and it delivers 575W into 4 ohms. There is an effects loop, DI output, and two speaker outputs, or Speakon jack. There is a built-in effect: Harmonic emphasis that put a buzz not possible when the locks surely due to my single coil JB. I therefore never used.


Everything is very simple (for me anyway) because it is found almost in front of a Trace Elliot head 90s. I think EQ is the same. As the head came to replace a TE out of breath, I'm not confused. I do not have the manual is useless. One branch is sounds directly. It is super clear and precise.


It is suitable for all styles. I Blues, Funk, Soul with Geddy Lee JazzBass coupled to a housing Trace Elliot 4x10 "and it's perfect. Manouche Jazz In my bass with a subwoofer and Trace Elliot 15" is always impeccable. It is less than the typical time TE.


I wanted a head that fits all styles of music that I play and that goes well with my boxes and my instruments. It's done, I do never separate. She has more than 10 years and every 5 years Ashdown the spring of a different color in a signature. She is currently findable in nine black under the name: Jean Jacques Burnel Signature Ashdown Bass Amp in 700 euros.
Before it was red with the signature Mark King.
Mine was built in England now I do not know if this is always the case. This is a great / price ratio. If it fails, I will repair or I redeem a.