Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head
Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head

MAG 300H EVO II Head, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ashdown in the MAG EVO II series.

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Thierry_25 10/23/2010

Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head : Thierry_25's user review

«  Very good value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Bass Head transistors
Power 300 W RMS
2 inputs for active or passive bass
EQ low / medium / high
Effects sub-harmonics, bright, deep
Input / output for external effects
XLR DI output
Line Out / Tuner
2 HP Jack 6.35


Easy and intuitive to use, the manual is very basic but somehow not really necessary.
Simple adjustments, you immediately feel the effect on the sound, you get what you want quickly.


I use it with an Epiphone Viola bass violin and chamber Ashdown MAG 410T Deep. The sound is clean and well suited to this style of bass. It is clear, precise, no complaints from that side.

Effects deep, sub-harmonics are bright and a little gadget in my opinion, the equalizer and the compressor are much more useful.

Just a caveat for input passive preamp has enough gain for a passive bass, even putting the knob input background I can just about -7 dB being thoroughly on low.

Little background noise, even at max gain, what we hear most is the fan!
Ashdown could have put a silent fan on this amp, it's been a bit messy. That said, we do not hear him playing happily!

I intend to add a preamp tube for more gain and a warmer sound, kind pedal EBS Valve Drive. I will update my review after the test.


I just receive it, not yet tested thoroughly.
I had no bass amp before I plugged directly into my sound system, so there is necessarily better.
I made this choice by following the advice of AudioFanzine, so thank you to the contributors: o)

I like the power, clean sound, easy adjustments. The meter has the mouth!
I do not gain enough of the passive input and noise of the fan, I would have rated 9 / 10 without these defects.

Compared to that found on the market, the price / quality ratio is very good. To get better, I think we should put much more expensive.
For an active bass, it is perfect. For a passive bass, provide an external preamp.

I got to 574 € with MAG 410T Deep pregnant, so no regrets, I would do this choice.