Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T
Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T

Ultrabass BX3000T, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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philou21 04/09/2005

Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T : philou21's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I will not repeat the record is a 300 w rms into 4 ohms transistors. The connectors are pretty much the rear with 2 output jack Designed 6.3 (2 to 8 ohm speakers) and Speakon output.
At the front, there is seen a meter that can surprise a little early. He takes the direct level of the signal regardless of the gain potentiometer cot (a bit con me). You can touch the gain, given meter does not change, it is difficult grate of the gain potentiometer. It would make sense for RM behringer add a switch to pre-post that would see the level after the preamp.
Otherwise rglages 5 of legalization, correct, knob an output level course, and an inter DEEP BRIGHT (I will come back after), an inter ULTRABASS and SHAPE (I will come back after too!! !). Between a low active and passive between low (I have a Fender MARCUS MILLER ACTIVE sending potato but is seen only deflect the meter on). A slecteur asset liability would be better.
Then a pdalier is provided for controlling ULTRABASS and SHAPE (He is still in the box!).
Few outlets for cable and other mix, but I did not test.


The connection is simple. The meter has been wired incorrectly but I dj parl. Without using the filters and functions supplmentaires, the sound is not bad, do not forget the price of the machine. There's a lot of criticism on Behringer products, and before buying this amp, I see all the forums amricains. This amp is often Whereas unanimously and is a good product.
I am connected to a speaker 8 ohms, so I do not have all the power I could have 4 ohms, but DJ walk a lot and enough to make the group's drummer with a nag.
The manual is OK, but nothing complicated settle on this amp.


For sound, I will be very objective because I use a full BX3000T, effective BASS VAMP PRO pdalier FCB1010, all connected to a baffle TRACE ELLIOT 1538. My guitar is a Fender MARCUS MILLER. I get so little prs all sounds possible thanks to the VAMP pro and I can tell you that running back.
DEEP functions is nice because it wraps the low signal and allows for good results. BRIGHT function is nice as it saves in fishing in the treble.
The black dots of the beast: the ULTRABASS and SHAPE. In three words, no shit, completely uncontrollable and useless. My cabinet starts purring mchament, is like nothing. And these effects are unnecessary and driven by a zero pedals, which as you can understand is still in the box and will stay there (I sell ifyou want lol). The pedals would be better for driving and DEEP BRIGHT.


I've had three months, dlais delivery a bit long. I tried other models but much more expensive that brought me nothing better (except, of prestigious brands, but I have not yet sub). Of course with as you can do better . The ratio quality price is excellent I think. Coupled with good effect, it does many things, I have to find another 8 ohm speaker and I will complement the happiest bass lol. With experience, I would do without pb choice.