Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H
Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H

Ultrabass BX4500H, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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Ysori 09/04/2005

Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H : Ysori's user review


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At the look already, everything is finished ... nothing to laugh it pro
the controls it's normal to normal in no extravagance of regulation of low mids and treble gain and a volume button ULTRABASS which caused a scandal on the 300 W version and which will be discussed ...


Who says simple settings using simple words ... at the same time is an amp is not a Nuclear Power Plant to find it difficult to use must already hold one layer coronation ...


Frankly I'm surprised I tried enjoyable version 300W (the old version what) and I wondered how anyone could release a product so bad ... is the most serious
I say right away if you're used to playing on Ampeg SVT 5 go your way for others give ear ... It may be worth a visit ...

branch on a 15-inch alloy of the same brand it sounds really good without being to die either we understand ... the line of funky slap the big riff in walking Sounds

for me the downside is the ULTRABASS function that is really is nothing happens and you will invariably have your sound plus an octave for low, medium, all this means

very short is more than okay without the C ** hole provided


What happens is that like everyone else I prefer to invest in a nice bass amp in a nice ... we see very few branches in a jim harley mesa boogie or ampeg 810 cabinet with a

I plan to buy a spector or a warwick and the hip in trying they pale in and hold their own in very good even though in a low SVT5 we optimize the thing I agree

requirements is a matter of if you're too go your way you will very likely blas otherwise it is for you