Fender Bassman (Blackface)
Fender Bassman (Blackface)

Bassman (Blackface), Bass Guitar Amp Head from Fender in the Bassman series.

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Hitch16 04/19/2007

Fender Bassman (Blackface) : Hitch16's user review


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It's all very light as it should!

Power? bin 50 watts in principle but it says every time I play with everybody thinks it's a lot more ... in fact they are true watt lamp what.

connection? Basic: 2 input jack "bass" jack inputs and 2 "normal" output jack on the rear Hp and output Power amp in jack. + 1 on-off button and the rear stanby.

Rglages? Minimalist: volume, bass, treble. But absolutely need anything else so a ring.


Configuration? is simple, let go your ears ...

Do you get a good sound easy? bin just to get a good scratch and know how to play;-D

The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Bin frankly from 1966 I did not have the manual with! lol


Is it your style of music? I have no real style but I disont dj jou blues, rock, punk, hardcore, funk, song, The variety of ... without changing the amp (but with guitars diffrent)

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? let us be clear: Despite the name "Bassman" INTERESTED this amp is more for the guitar for the bass. has not only prevents it from ringing with lower volume but low for its own. I play the guitar and it is standard! 1972 Fender Start, Gibson GGC700 1982, Yairi electro 1999, Godin 1994 Acousticlassique, fretless Aria 1988 (adapted home-D). For effects I have full right then, I would not make the list but essentially the era of electro-harmonix. But live in with a good skillet is nothing better.

types of sounds? bin gnral I RULES volume loud enough to enjoy the warmth of the lamps and I play with the volume of scratchcards little volume for a clear and open the ds that was a knob CRUCH natural innimitable!

prfres sounds? all
dtest sounds? none


How long have you use it? I use a 1967 bassman since 1990 that crunch died and I bought a 1966 Bassman rgl in 1998 which is more clean, more than his Fender.

What is the particular feature you like best and least? The best: it's super versatile and sounds serious. The least? worry if you tried one you want to play on something else. no tremolo but good pedals and you're Wiggler jou!

Have you tried many other models before acqurir? I had to start an aria 15w, 65w a Samick later, a 1989 Fender The Twin 135W. I boss shop Vintage zic so I had the opportunity to try some prs amps all legends and I would not change for anything, except perhaps be a Ampeg G -20

Report quality unbeatable price!

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? hsiter no yes! especially since I'm drooling all who hear ringing scratch my Bassman amps. lol
I would add that so far I love the Bassman Blackface I dtest the Silverface, issue probably got ...