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paco256 12/20/2010

Gallien Krueger 400RB : paco256's user review

«  Indestructible! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Transistor amplifier 200W into 4 Ohms, an input in front, 2 hp output jack, an effects loop, line output, a-15db pad, gain, 3 selectors Low cut, mid boost and high contour, EQUAL low, high , low mid, high mid, boost setting (handy for solos) with footswitch input and a master.


The configuration is all that is simple. All this corresponds to the standard bass amps in this range.
I've never used the manual is so simple.
There are no buttons fifty miles so it's easy.
Is obtained quickly and easily sound you're looking over it complies with the sound of the instrument.


I use it in completely different styles (blues, rock, hard rock, Irish and Breton) with different basses (L2500, Mex Jazz bass 5 string, ibanez roadster) and what that we do, it works.
We spend much of their fat in their super crisp and clear by turning two knobs.
I used it with different cabinets (4X10 Marshall, EV B215M and now SVT 4X10 HLF): passing from one to another, you get a different grain. I rediscovered the head with the 410 ampeg.
This head is extremely versatile 200W andTHE announced are really there!


I use it since almost 10 years and I've never had the slightest technical problem. The sound is a versatile big asset. (Some accuse it a "lack of personality").
The only criticism I would make the lack of heat due to the absence of light. (This is because we need to find a fault!)
I count him graft a tube preamp to remedy the problem.
The price / quality ratio is excellent. (There is an occasion for around 300 euros)
In conclusion, this head is indestructible, it sounds and sends it right, the settings are easy to handle and if it couples with the right speaker was very quickly that his research.
It is too little known for my taste and I do it again without hesitation the same choice.