Hartke HA3500
Hartke HA3500

HA3500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke in the HA series.

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All user reviews for the Hartke HA3500

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 31 reviews )
 13 reviews42 %
 16 reviews52 %
 2 reviews6 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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francois78310's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but not great"

Hartke HA3500
2 pre amp (lamp and transistor)
an effects loop with a potentiometer scale (from 0 to 100% of the signal passed through the loop)
DI output with selectable pre or post EQ
10-band equalizer
and severe acute stroke
integrated compressor
transistor amplifier

2 output jacks for speakers

Max power: 350watts

Everything is there, 9 / 10 because it is not innovative


No need to use manual for the amp, turn, it is tested, I like, I do not like ...
It is in the classic, then 9 / 10 because it is not innovative


For audio, we get easily what they want, but it lacks brilliance in sound to the treble . We remain in a sound dull, dull.

I use it with a low Traben Phoenix equipped with Bartolini AKG microphone input preamp.
For my stuff, they are in the loop.

On the compressor, not much to get by with a knob ...
It's a gimmick

7 / 10 because of lack of originality and brilliance, and the compressor is inoperable


I use it for over 2 years, every week in rehearsal, and at each concert.

I acquired it because it was an occasion I had the head with 4x10 cabinet for 300 € or 350 €, I do not know too much. So the price / quality ratio was excellent for me.

the + and -:

- Shine

+ Fat
+ EQ
+ Mixing effects loop

I do not put the compressor in - because you can cut it.

In the future I headed to a head the best quality, type or ampeg tc electronics

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Tube preamp and transistor (there are 2 knobs that can be selected and measured).
Amplification transistor.
Delivers up to 350w.
Connector jack input and output for HP.
DI XLR output with built-in.


The head is easy to use. The graphic equalizer is useful for finding the sound. The manual is useless.


I use it with a bass luthier. The sound is pretty good but cold. I still search for a more rock.


Is my first "big" amp.
I do not regret my purchase, but if it over again, I still save to invest in AMPEG. Good product

olivier085's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Transistor or prampli Lamp
Between active or passive effects loop, XLR, etc. ...
Power 350W


Configuration could not be more simple ...


I play the varieties.
I use a Musicman Stingray 5 string maple neck.
I use it with the enclosure Hartke VX410 (4x10 inches and a sharp)
Dlivre it a clean but cold enough. The formulation of the lamps is not really effective.
Pregnant again my VX410 does not have many sub dlivre ...
Otherwise it remains a good transistor amp.


I use it for over 6 years in sometimes extreme conditions. It is a perfect shot. Very robust in design, cash it without flinching.
What I like: robustness, simplicity ct swiss army knife ...
What I like least: Its a little cold (even for a transistor)

With the exprience I would do this choice because in this price range, you can not buy an amp worthy of the name lamps (Ampeg, Eden, etc. ...)

I would do the same choice without hesitating.

bass_64's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rugged, very good value for money"

Hartke HA3500
preamp with lamp can mix the two (light and / or transistor)
everything you need to without too much to bother
very good value for money
bought time for FF, but I can not remember the price ...


very easy to use


very versatile, touching a little settings


more than 10 years
robust amp that I am still in rehearsal

ecce48's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I think after 4 years of use"

Hartke HA3500
Well, frankly I think it's more bother to mention the feature of this amp is probably the best known of all


Ditto for setup, I think this is a Hartke model of simplicity about the ease of having a good sound ... To each his own good and the sound he prefers. I think if one is not too "dificult, we can find a sound that suits us. That said, I greement with almost everything that is said here, good or bad. Indeed, the lamp is a bit rather weak and the compressor does the name .... As much I did change the original lamp with a Mes-boogie and it's much better (without being on top though) The equalizer is a wonder and cons super eficaces compared directly to competitors. what was said by rappoet buttons at low and high, I'm moderate agreement. If they are used only for what they are made is nickel (add bass depth or clarity) If I do not but a perfect score is the quality of the original 12AX7. I do not count the compressor because I find it normal éficacité and his lack of it is simply for reasons that comerciales y this function.


For my part, I play mainly rock and blues with a p-bass U.S. and an Ibanez semi-hollow. Two low total differs for use well differ and I can already have a good sound with both devices without additional. For my personal tastes, I grafted an effect processor yamaha preamp and a TC-tube electronics which allows me to have a much finer adjustment and targeted according to my need. I explain my rating of 7 because I think it's fairer, it's a good amp with all the basics you need. Above 7: very good, excellent and perfect, I would say "compared to what, how and what music ear??


Initially I bought this amp in addition to the Fender Bassman (for some song I wanted an amp a little more "bite") is obviously not the same and not comparable and I admit I was a little disappointed Hartke at its first use. May be too accustomed to the sound of the bassman and I look elsewhere in SWR and Ampeg bugger but after a few days, I find settings that suit me, especially after changing the 12AX7 with a mass-boogie. Today I no longer use that Hartke for 5 years and I find satisfaction. There is certainly still a lot better and the other prices but it will never be the same. I think the Markbass I often used that to his very special but it was mainly a "Markbass" and nothing else!! my conclusion is that I find my happiness with this stack with an XL HA3500 410 and 115 on which an XL so I have the Yamaha effects processor and a tube preamp TC Electronic. A little advice to make the maximum use of his cab with the two (115 and 410) are complementary and will give you the full range of its possible with a single cab, it's not terrible. Finally, I would say it's a great amp road for a fair price and that is an amp that you must have on hand while playing with a material more "pointy"

Grenouillère's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Good for description see previous review! Simply: 350 W (WATTS OF TRUE !!!!) preamp with transistor and lamp ... An equation very effective, "compressor" (rather limiting since it avoids the "peaks" !)... Short head simple, effective, and that sounds!


I've never had a manual! ! At the same time, it's super simple to use: one branch and it sounds! For audio, some accuse it of lack of character ... I would say yes but to a lesser extent ... Indeed, it is not typed as Ampeg, G & K, Ashdown, SWR ... Me I had several heads ... I started on this head, and thinking to find better elsewhere, I yielded to the lure of other brands. I got the Ampeg (it sounds, the sound is warm, but the response time is I find it very slow! Perfect for blues, jazz music ... soft +++), Ashdown (A absolutely leak, at least for the medium range series ...), Gallien Kruegger (nice, but a real lack of power! We look for Watts, and it quickly limit !!!)... And then one day I tried a config Hartke HA 3500 and 4X10 speaker cones alus: a revelation! It was the sound I was looking for!

I do not say that Hartke is the best power amp, I'm just saying that the price ratio, power, reliability, simplicity is unbeatable ... Frankly it's the top for that price!


For my style of music: mainly occasions, it's happiness!
If you are funk, rock, blues, fusion ... Anyway if you need a round, powerful, versatile ... which "sends the race" as they say, look no further!
I played with different bass: Squier Affinity ... Fender American Jazz Bass Up! through Stingray 5, etc ...
Everything sounds top! The advantage: it can reproduce the sound of your instrument without distorting it, or embellish it (just to solve the equation and hop bands!) In addition to an advantage: you can adjust the sound the room where we play! And yes it's a detail, but once the equation set, you have two buttons that allow you to boost or decrease the bass or treble! Really super convenient when you have to play in very different places!

To the sounds: I set my basic sound, and after I pay everything with my bass or my multi effects ... This avoids to take the lead at mile search settings for the concerts!


I use it for over a year ... I tried lots of other heads ... Frankly the only one that can be better, it's Trace Elliot! But we play the same course not! And the price consequences!
I find it convincing perfs at the top given the opportunity price (approx. 300 €) or less than one watt €!
In addition, it is rugged, well designed, full of possible connections (effects loop, relatively slight muting ...), ...

This is not the head of the most expensive coffee in the world (far from it, eh MR Ampeg?) But frankly, if you play modern music, and you want a true power without breaking the bank: please not! Go ahead and buy this head!

Me: I do not really change! I finally found her at the top for what I do (cover band amateur)

With the experience I would not have wasted so much time to try other brand heads more "side" ... While you have the brand, but after?
For comparison, is like a "good" low: sometimes we try the "American" hallucinating at prices that sound like peanuts, and one day we tried a little Squier that rocks! Go figure ...

trasher1100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
350w into 4 ohms.


I send the board back and return to the effect: the effect can be measured.


There's a lot better but more expensive. Good for concerts.


Just to point out that changing the lamp by a mesaboogie is a very good idea. PréampTube thoroughly PréampTransistor to 3: From the lamp with the attack.
Otherwise very happy with the amp I use now for 2 years with 2410. There's potato and sound!

nyco_962's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
See below, lamp 12AX7WA solvtek original brand


See below


I play on stingray 5, I have a dbx compressor in the effects loop, and a Hartke vx115 tp410 and behind, in the style funk rock metal at the start pretty disappointed, no fishing, and I changed the lamp for a 12AX7 mesaboogie, it will immediately better, it's hot round, it sounds ....


Used last year in rehearsed and together, the power is sufficient.
What I like the versatility in sound, power.
What I like about it: the original lamp, the compressor is not one that does.
I played on Ashdown, peavey, marshall, ampeg ... it is a good entry level.
With experience, I would do not have that choice, I orient myself to a preamp / compressor / eq / amp separate, but this amp is all the same good group to start

jackololo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
I used all about 2 years (before I had a VX410) and the head 5. The head has a good dynamic trs in DPIT a severe lack of grain and body. The rglages are numerous but do not transfigure the sound. In fact, it is adhre has that kind of sound, or we change the carrment tte.Avantage: the sound is always prcis trs, of aid by the 410XL, and emerged trs well in my last group or scratch played on a Mesa Dual Rectifier dbordant low. Popuri which is precisely the 410XL, note that it is a cabinet that I sold a little grudgingly, because a hell of potato (such as weight, for that matter ..), and sound in the line e of the head: prcis. A rgal for those who love to play slap! I had the VX410, equipped cardboard cones, and nothing to do! It's really rev range above, the XL! Before all this I had an old Hughes & Kettner 303 basskick I bazard quickly to acquire all Hartke HA3500 + vx410. And I quickly Fourgues vx APRS jou have on the xl ...

For résumé, if you want to invest in a set srieux to start landing the scne or simply to have the power to Reserved, everything without taking a crdit over 20 years, this set is for you. A report quality unbeatable price, and opportunities abound, so why deprive yourself?

If I was in the case of someone who began as a group, this choice I would do without hesitation. Now APRS have refined my ear on a type of the research I lach Hartke for something more typical, but also more expensive ... (Ampeg)


N / A


N / A


N / A

haborym's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
350W into 4 Ohms
240W into 8 ohms
lamp pramplis
a 10-band graphic eq
internal compressor (it works it??)
between high and low impdance
well ... the outline!

So a lot caratristiques level, finally to a head amp in this price ... CATEGORY


To be clear, no need manual for the right sound out (with a baffle adquate)!
TRS is simple: you turn and go!
frankly easy to use ...


So the while dpend tastes, but I must admit that the sound is fat enough for this type of head amp (with HP's cardboard), besides the rglages are rather effective (sick of the heads or you turn the knobs beautiful in all directions and where nothing happens!)
on the other hand, I have not that, whatever the prpondrance lamp / transistor, the sound does not change one iota!
How well the lamp is mounted? (Yes aprsvrification)
so it's a lamp that does not color lol


I use it for some months now, and I do not regret having left my nmsis (EDEN), which had a sound certe warmer but less power!

which is great with this head is that its research is quickly found, and even a respectable sound level trs.
report quality price is just INTERESTED since Markbass released its LMII.
in a nutshell is this head:
-Ractive to really rglages

Matos sold shortly APRS purchase because they are too heavy to carry.