Hartke HA3500
Hartke HA3500

HA3500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke in the HA series.

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All user reviews for the Hartke HA3500

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 31 reviews )
 13 reviews42 %
 16 reviews52 %
 2 reviews6 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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crrcrr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Well I say now, I think is going to spot among all the others!

What is there in faade:
Pramp tube (type not Dfine) / transistor
10-band equalization dbrayable
treble boost / bass
on / off button (r I get out of agreements)


So as I say prcdemment, my opinion is going to spot among all the praise that have been done on CETYS amp

"In search of his lost" should be an autobiographical book title on my experience with this amp. The sound "tube", well ... or it sounds like a transistor that would sound "tube" so it's not too bad, but a transistor to high-end t would like to replace or maybe even better given the context and the price range, and the sound would certainly have been much more heat / potato / round / beaut ...

pchu transistor sound and sounds actually quite clear what fills the shortcomings of the "lamp" and the sound rquilibrer

The "Compressor" ... No comments, if you want a compressor / limiter, go buy one.

The qualisation is effective, but beware: to find "sound" must look as + /-15dB are effective but still too many if you do not master perfectly frequencies. Good point though.

Boosts the treble / bass I was not convinced more than that, much less for the equalizer, they can quickly tarnish the sound that you will find pulling his own hair. qualizer disabled by the cons, it allows not to take the cabbage and dig her quickly.

In conclusion, it is much more complicated to find "The Son" that what we may think at first, indeed, all the finesse of this amp is not based on the various buffs and nicks "tubes" but rather on the quality of the equalizer. Equalizer that goes up the note, moreover, because the rest is not terrible ...


Useless to try to jazz with this amp, his character is too punchy. As you can see, slap and rock / mtal will be more his cup of tea to have a condition that will go with the cabinet. I recommend using a widely pramp as the SansAmp bassdriver to make it sound better and make him spit out whatever he has in the stomach.

Without pramp is more complicated. I have since my jou beginners above, instead of finally diffrent bass lines that evolve in line my level parallelism. To beginners, I played on an old rotten Vantange It sounded nice, although even. after there was an Ibanez Ergodyne 605, the AC started to deteriorate, it was already more difficult to fawns and even after the n, warwick streamer lx with 5c, it was even bother, it sounded acute has burst the eardrums and because of that I think I change the head. I got to the point of wanting to exploded on the floor so the sound does not suit me ...

The sound will depend greatly on your bass. I would say that for a balanced sound nothing worth a precision bass humbucker type or a good music man.


I used a few years she has accompanied my evolution but shows its limits quickly (well soon, everything is relative, 3/4ans anyway)

The RSID big plus in the price / power and in the late equalizer trs.

Much less is this lamp mulant transistor sound (this is only my opinion) and then the compressor a little rotten and completely useless to use.
However despite the criticism j'afflige this head, I do not forget that even if she did more convinced after a few years, this does not always the case and the choice State again when I bought it I would do without hsit. Nanmoins think it will take a change one day.

ppp2b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
I will present this amp while the bass player known


Easy and complete
found his sound in a minite


Very very Polivalente
I play an active olp stingray mm22
small stone phaser
Mini Q tron
Octaver boos
drive over boos
the sound is not a super dir


So I was only 16 years old and my father that my c cete give head (to pass a combo)
it has about 9 years! and she did Jamai known problems.
jOperation cassette head depui three years with a 2 * 10 * 15 inches and a peavey
I jous in a goup of rock and I reconet ke I play very high (a 7 / 10 lamp 0 / 10 and the transistor generally between 5 ET7!) and I repeat no problem be reliable

homerlepoilu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Tube preamp

270W into 8ohm and 350 in 4 ...

Active or passive input, effects loop, insert, 2 speakers output, XLR DI output with balance adjustment (DI / cabinet) and output before or after the equalizer ...

10-band equalizer (very effective), two preamps (and 1lampe 1Digital) with two separate settings, settings, bass / treble and master volume.


Not too simple and comprehensive. Configuration and ergonomics!

the sound comes out alone, very clear and very clean ... must be in a big bar to make him spit out what he has in the stomach.

I did not need to read the manual for first use. I read it anyway to avoid making a false manipulation 'and break the baby ...


- I think it suits all styles of music. In my opinion more to jazz than Hardrock but it is quite versatile. I rock and it goes very well ... After combining the devices we reach what we want.

It does its job very well ... no crack, blast (a fan from popping over my computer). We can turn up the volume and it goes without flinching.

I prefer to put the preamp "tube to 3 / 4 and the digital 1 / 4 .. ca saves heat and character ...


I use it for a year

I love its simplicity and effectiveness

I tried a few models in Hartke ... it's the wallet that spoke but it's really a very good material, I found in many studios and in many other bass players that turn ...

Normal value for money is a bit expensive but it was worth the money ...

With experience and a little more as I would take the HA5000 ... the even more beautiful and powerful ... just to be quiet;)

With baffles 410Xl it really is TOP! is a jackhammer to slap it out and everything I want ... I have my character for the low L-2000 Tribute natural and it makes it very very well! I am proud ... just have to use fully working on my side ... but I think one day not have to be above the level of this material.

crazy_c0vv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Low head amp, transistor technology.
Under 350w 4ohms, 8ohms 240w sub
Between Bass active / passive, 2 speaker outputs, an effects loop, DI output.
2 Channels prampli: one a lamp (one 12AX7), the other transistor. A SETTING THE gain for each channel, a compressor, a qualisateur 10 bands, a high and low contour and volume.


Super simple setup. You plug it sounds. The qualisateur is easy to use and really effective. The outline is powerful enough to add the low bass for dconstiper anyone. There goes a "brutal" power between 1 and 2 on the volume, roughly, it happens suddenly.
This gives a good sound too easy. The sound is, admittedly, fairly flat, or even cold. It lacks a lil bit of color. Channel transistor level pramp hardly satisfies me, so I use the channel "tube" thoroughly. It gives good sound, not too cold, lgrement heating by the lamp. But not saturated. Nothing to do, no crunch either, it's clean, neat and flawless. Too bad.
As against the power, it is! It dboite, mamy ca dculote a worry-free! In fact they reproach me for playing too loud (our grateux has "a" a peavey 30w lamp).


It should be pretty well to my style of music, although his Ampeg is probably more ... Also, what! But adding a pramp ampeg in the future solve this slight worry. For now, gre ca.
I play with an Ibanez GSR-200 active, but low in my squier grateux, and I am considering buying a fender to be decidedly more rock.
This amp suits all styles of music as a given rather sober color. He swears in any way, and then qualiseur allows for a good sound.
The sound is not crystal, but not fat either.
I do not like when the low pass is cut all the bass disappeared.
I also had fun plugger in a guitar, it sounds. But hey, it's not recess for that. ;)


I use it for 3-4 months, plus I think.
What I like is the price, with the baffle 570 in time, it only cost me 300 because I sold my old amp scratching my POD XT, and my old Samick guitar.
I also like the power!!
But I like not too sound, too soft for my taste. A small grain would apprciable.
I have not tried other models, c'tait the cheapest.
Exellent quality price ratio, is not to say.
Xprience with, I think I would do this choice, but I take this opportunity to try all lights amp drooling a little history, before leaving with the one.

buz.hc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Ben does everything said in other reviews
damage even when there have not Speakon output


I find the super efficient equalo
the possibility of mixing preamp has a lamp and transistor preamp offers a wide range of his trs
However, the compressor tends quickly crush the attack, but leaving the knob 2, even when it is really interesting
the manual in English is not great


I find it ideal bcp style of its wide range of sounds
I use it with speakers ampeg (4x10 "and 1x15" classic) and mainly a 5 string ibanez ebc715 (AEADG)
cash it very well the serious
repeating, I have the tube 6, the solid state 4 and a master (yes, only 1!)
little more, I changed the lamp, and put a gold electroharmonix 5751 ............... frankly, I not think it could make such a diffrence, but there is a kind of power in the bottom without it being stronger, but something of a sick fuck the runs so it's powerful
I recommend everyone to try this lamp
ps: the lamp, I found it on Banzai Musical Products


It's been five years since I use this head, and I prefried is being able to combine lamp and transistor
interesting price quality ratio
frankly not disappoint all these years

Leyo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Retailer list in other reviews, this is a good head with a trs proper EQ and compression may be limited.

The connection is misrable with an output jack and a tiny plug.

The pre amp is however beautiful and simple


This head is trs correct overall, just a little tap to get the sound we DSIR, the EQ is prcis, the great performance when you see the price of machine

The manual is a bit poor and all in English.

Small RMQ: The EQ Each button is accompanied by a small LED in the concerts very practical when it is dark!


It is perfect for this hat I play and I can easily configure it to my heavy sound that I like

I play with an Ibanez SRX500 PD7 distortion and the effect of the same brand is your exact height of my expectancy at, especially since I associate it with the VX4 * 10 of the same name. This adds an '15 and it's perfect!


I use it for four months. I love the sound quality and power. Its dmnage!

It has a default collection outdoor but this is nothing enlve its presence and performance

The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable, it's even the biggest asset of Hartke, products of good quality at a price very competitive dfiant

I reject it with eyes closed without problem!

crunch12's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
It is a head that's fine. The only complaint is that the output DI breath!


Simple configuration
easy to get a good sound
the manual is a fair bit


I play with a low MTD bass pedals atack (DI output that does not blow) and box warwick


I use it for 6 months

good value qualitprix
Yannou le Jacky02/14/2005

Yannou le Jacky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Head amplifier hybrid
preamplification transtistor + lamps (two circuits spars with volumes indpendants)
transistor amplifier

Power: 350 Watts @ 4ohms, 240 Watts @ 8ohms

- Between active
- Between passive
- Effects loop (send + + return button dosing)
- Two 8 ohms speaker outputs (it is also possible to use an outlet with a 4 ohm speaker)
- DI output (selectable pre or post EQ, ground lift on / off)
Rglages and effects:
- Volume prampli transistor
- Volume prampli lamp
- Compressor / Limiter
- EQ 10-band graphic
- Contour (rglages low + high)
- Master
- Balance Control send / return effects loop (rear)


The configuration is simple extremmement, and although the possibility of rglages are important thanks to the contour + equalizer, you can find one that suits her in about ten minutes.

The rglages ffective and we are not printing to move the buttons to anything.

The manual is clear and sufficient for this product.


This amp sounds rather neutral.
The lamp is part prampli clearer, brighter than the transistor part and at the same time brings a little warmth in the mids. As against the transistor provides pramplification plsu low, more below.

You can get a lot of noise with. The sound is very versatile, but he can be reprohcer Cerain a lack of warmth and roundness. But this lack of roundness and synamai however compensated by a very frank and attacks. Do not expect a big sound warm and round as the ampeg, the head is not made for that. But it has a very good sound.
I use a Cort Artisan A5 (5-string active bass with Bartolini pickups) and Hartke 410 BXL cabinets (4x10 ") and BXL 115 (1x15"). The sound that I use often is plsu sound rather hollow but with a little heat in mediums from the preamp and low light. His was a rather modern.
But sometimes I play with subs dubs well below, or sounds jazz / blues / reggae plsu acoustisque more renmplis in mediums.


I use this head for a month and so far I am very satisfied. Buy about 500 new.

This is a great head for the price and if I re-mee choice I will take this head because the sound is perfect for me, and it was Sune splus srieuse the alternatives in these prices.

The ratio quality price is excellent.
It certainly was not an amp at Ampeg / SWR / Eden / ... at the grain but it was the same philosophy psa. It was a receiver that displays CHARACTERISTICS good for the price, Alrosa that brands offer prcites plsu amps with a lot of grain, but more expensive.

It was a choice that I recommend for bass players looking for an efficient, economic and password partourt. It was an amp that can easily consider keeping a while, even using configs on "pro".

mostelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Everything is said by other reviews, there's everything you need to hear what the price.


Simple but not empty. It is much more complex than we think. But that's all the charm of this amp: you turn a knob and the sound changes.
Never had a manual ...


The sound is versatile trs, unless you want a sound not even a little fat. And aa t my major problem. Playing Vigier, I never got the heat is missing with this kind of low. I almost changed even low. But I got used to pushing the compressor section and tube. For the serious cons are standards, mdiums pchus (There's the good slap), and the treble does not dchire ears too.


I kept the head for 8 years. I started having problem after 5 years. Section lights stopped working, the welds have APRS pt each other APRS. APRS a total check-up by a friend, just to walk again nickel.Si j'tais pass by a professional, the bill would have t sal. But hey, 3 years in damp, concerts in the sun in the open or in the lawn at night, I did not mnag. Report qualitprix excellent. A REFERENCE simply.

Waladze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke HA3500
Double lamp amplification transistor and separate settings
Power of 350W into 4 ohms or 240W into 8 ohms

An active input and a passive input jack (6.35)
A direct output pre / post EQ (XLR)
An effects loop with balance control
2 HP 8 Ohms

Contour adjustment + or - 18dB: Grave at 100Hz and 10kHz acute
10-band EQ + or - 15dB: 30Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 5kHz, 8kHz
Compressor (2:1 ratio to infinity)


The configuration of the amplifier, is simple. The separate adjustment of transistor preamplifiers or lamp can choose a general color the sound. Then the contour coarsely adjusts the égalisaton sound and equalizer to fine tune.

The manual I have is in English, but it is very well written is very clear. J'aprécie including advice for certain types of classic sounds.


I play in a cover band Pop Rock and Funk. It runs in the cafe-concert and this amp head is perfect for me. Coupled with a body 410 TP (Hartke from home), it sounds great. The sound is dry and clear, ideal for the slap. From a power perspective, 240W power seems to be very suitable to play at pretty high volume level without going through an expansion of external facade.

My bass is an Ibanez ATK405 and I must say that since I have this head, I think to change my bass (or at least the pickups) because the quality shows lack of punch and precision of my bass! !


I use this head a few months. And if I had to do the purchase today, I do it again the same choice. I have not tried other models before because I had a great price for this model and I jumped. Suddenly, the price / quality ratio seems excellent! (HA3500 410TP + + + Flight Gator 2U Cable HP € 1000).

And the last little detail is interesting is the portability: Hartke offers the combination of a head with a HA3500 HP 410TP combo and I can not imagine the weight of the whole, then having a head alone (and next to the HP), it greatly facilitates the transport, and when you live on the 2nd floor of an old building, it counts!