Laney B1
Laney B1

B1, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the B series.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 04/13/2006

Laney B1 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Amp with prampli lamp / transistor mlangeable
2x750W Stereo sub 2ohm
2x550W at 4 ohm
2x350w 8ohm sub
1x1'500w single 4 ohm sub
1x1'000w in mono 8 ohm
Active Electronic Adjustable Crossover
Mode distortion
6-band graphic equalizer enlenchable / dclenchable
Outputs pramplis symtriques
Tuner Output
DI Output
Bright Switch
Effects loop
Output pdalier MiDi
and I forget ...
New price: just over 1,200 Euros

[9] as the footswitch is not included. Otherwise the head is hyper complte.


Not the configuration is not simple, it takes time to tour this bte, as its sound capabilities are increased. Add this interaction existing, even if some of the teachers DIFFERENT knobs and it is like the lottery: in front of millions of possibilities.

The sound comes naturally. But finding the setup that suits the style well be asked to play sound connatre his gear.

No manual.

[3] it is really not in the intuitive. Must Settings, on the floor again and again ... pfff ...


The sounds fit any style.

The sound is just beautiful and can not be covered by the sound of the guitarist or drummer.

DI output provides a warm and harmonious output to a PA (attention, the case of DI remains ncessaire, the signal is pre-prpar the head).

The bright switch and his sidekick can quickly and efficiently sculpt the sound, for example, round sound and give it a surplus of heat for a piece SPECIFICATIONS or conversely, give his attack for slapping .

Distrust: extreme power even reaches the end of the ability of a 8x10 "

[10] the holy grail for a bassist


APRS toy too expensive to me, not my APRS bassist.

Other users of me reports of reliability problem with their head, it's not my case. 1A works for 5 years now, but I burn my 8x10 russi "in him too Balanant potato.

[3] is that Laney B1 draisonnable all points of view, too contrlable too adjustable, too powerful. Too frankly suprieure sound. The cult of too much. According to its priorities, the overall score will change, but the head draisonnable par excellence.