Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature
Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature

1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Signature series.

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iamqman 07/28/2011

Marshall 1992LEM Lemmy Kilmister Super Bass Signature : iamqman's user review

« Just killer! »

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Marshall has done a lot of things right in their day and that have propelled them to the top of the haystack when it comes to amplifiers. NOw a days they have been putting out garbage after garbage. Take for example the Slash amp. That thing sound like uter garbage! This amp they worked on and had all this hype propped up and then people got it home and say what the heck is this thing. Some of these amps for signature guys work and some don't' the Kerry King amp is anther example of trash sold on the shelve. This guy is a good player and huge pompous ass as well, and his ugly looking mug matches the ugly tone that comes from his sig amp. His amp is worth about what is cost to go see them live and that is nothing.

This amp has got tit going on. Granted is is in the bass section but lest face it this is a guitar player's amp that a guy ...Lemmy modified himself and plays his bass through it. His tone is just awesome and one of the best bass rock tones in the world.


Marshall Lemmy Kilmister Signature Series 1992LEM8 100W Valve Super Bass Head Features:

* Controls: Power, standby, presence, bass, middle, treble, volume one, volume two, output selector, mains selector
Inputs: 1/4" instrument input (x4: two for channel one, two for channel two)
Outputs: 1/4" speaker outputs (x2)

Marshall Lemmy Kilmister Signature Series 1992LEM8 100W Valve Super Bass Head Specifications:

* 100 Watt
Two channels
3-band EQ
Three ECC83 pre-amp tubes
Four EL34 power amp valves
Dimensions: 29.5"H x 12.2"W x 8.5"D
Weight: 47.4 lb.


This amp is getting a 10 straight across the board because Motorhead is fantastic. his voice is garbage abut his amp tone is just stellar. If you have ever heard him live or a recording you would know that has tone is really what carries this band. The guitar tone is nothing short of great too, but what I think about when I hear these guys is that killer rocking bass tones. You get a huge saturation is the gain and that really comes from the guitar amp circuit. This is essential a guitar player's amp. If you want heavy thick fat bass tones then this may be your amp. But lets face it you probably aren't going to buy this amp unless you are a fan of Lemmy or of Motorhead. This appeals to those guys and those guys only. You can get a lot of other cool bass amps that have a lot more versatility and angle towards bass players.


At new you can get this amp all day long for right at around $2999. A little much for a bass amp I would admit but this thing sounds fantastic. That is a bit steep but hey you got to pay the man for his signature head too. I would recommend this if you are a rocker and want your bass tone to just slay. This is a circuit from a guitar player so you will get some tube saturation and breakup. So if you want to play clean I would recommend a lot of other amps besides this one.