Orange AD200B
Orange AD200B

AD200B, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the AD series.

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Felkoryov 04/11/2013

Orange AD200B : Felkoryov's user review

«  Awesome. »

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200 watts, power tubes 4 6550, output jack 8/4 ohms, and Master knobs gain equalizer and bass, mid, treble.
It's simple, that's all I need!


Can no longer be simple to use, personally I play on a 410 + OBC OBC one above 115, so output 4 ohms with a jack / speakon in the first box, then Speakon / Speakon first box to the second.
10/10 perfect for me because, corresponds exactly to my expectations simplicity of setting an amp head.


Suited to my style of music (rock / garage rock), because I like a bass sound aggressive but precise. And this is the case with this monster, his SLAP! Really impressive.
setting the master / gain allows for clear sound at high volumes, despite its reputation saturate early (which is the case! but it prevents the power margin before saturation is huge).
I put a 10/10 because I play rock and it is perfect in this area for my taste. I do not doubt that for bass sounds more jazzy or gentillets, there are certainly better.


I bought a few weeks ago after selling my old rack Ampeg SVT-CL SVT 610-HLF + I among others had the opportunity to try many racks over concerts and backline made provision.
Well I do not regret NOT AT ALL have sold my Ampeg! Arguably the ampeg was "versatile", you can certainly get out of that suit sounds more musical styles, but personally, I mainly play rock and this rack is by far the best I've played this day.
Another point that differentiates SVT-CL with this AD200B: watts, 300 against 200 for Orange. Well I have absolutely not felt a difference in volume! The AD200, at least with the cabs that I use, it really is VERY strong, a lot of volume, and I am convinced that never in my life I will not need more power than that.
It also beautifully cash pedals and distortion boost.
I recommend this amp very clearly to those looking for a powerful bass sound that growl with a big attack!