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MGR/Dave 10/30/2003

Sunn Beta Bass : MGR/Dave's user review

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My old roommate ran off with my old crappy Squire stratacaster, so I took this from his moms house.

It has "digital c mos technology"whatever that is. It's a sturdy head. I've droped it out the back of my tour van a couple times in a drunken stooper, and it's held up really well. It's a pretty basic setup that doesnt take a genious to work. Knobsw are big and fat. Easy to find in the dark.

It does the job. I'm really a guitar player, but I play bass on the side. It's Got a rather generic sound. You can adjust the bass, treble, and middle, but I just can seem to get a funky twang out of it.

it's a solid state bass amp (but arent they all). it has 2 channels A and B, 11 knobs, and doesnt take up too much space

if you want something that works, but isnt special.. get this... I'm sure you could find it at a pawn shop for 100 dollars of so.

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