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J-Luc Fabre 04/04/2005

SWR ST-220 : J-Luc Fabre's user review


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Pramp a 12AX7 tube, Floor power transistor. The power is not important trs is easily reached the limits with a single speaker (goliath jr 2X10p for me) but with a deuxime pregnant (I have a basic 2 way, with a 15p), the acoustic performance is better on the one hand, on the other impdence the fall and then the power increases (SWR prconise not go below 2 ohms, then calculate correctly). so that I can play everywhere: little place I take a single speaker, bigger and need more sound, I take both. And when it is transplanted in sound, there is plenty to do an effective lower back!
The DI is very well: You can send live or APRS pramp corrections, has a ground lift and level adjustable (the sound engineer asked me General for down!) indpendant is the master, so that on scne, you can correct your level, nothing changes for the soundman. Effects loop, output jack "preamp out" jack "in power" and also 2 outputs high and low, we choose the cut between the knob with the "crossover" in faade (for bi-amp: we can route one to the Tagus internal power, and the other to an external power Tage) Complete this level!
Rglages: the aural enhancer is used to vary the nature of the stamp. The 4 paramtriques allow many things. I have 3 that I pre-rgl the frquences, I adjust the level depending on the room, and one that I use to search and if necessary turn the note which makes the feedback on my bass.
I put 9 because of lack of power with a single speaker, otherwise perfect. A dtail (and it may be that food has the power) it passes! If I pull a string bass by holding it firmly, move the HP! can be a danger to the membranes if it is not filtered.


Easy to use if you understand what an EQ parameter. In dpart, making a + that I bought a goliath junior plutt the redhead, it's because for almost the same thing, there are 4 paramtriques instead of one. After this point anything is possible, particularly to adjust according to the raction of the room.


It suits me perfectly. I use it with my electric bass (5 string and 4 string fretless Warmoth Fender) and my bass. It lacks a bit of grve, what is catching the knob of the same name, which covers a broader scope than the parameter.
Dj dish is good, and correcting is better.


13 years of loyal service! Has a single component chang (I forget what) which cost me 100 francs. What I like: even if the power does not seem important trs, 1 m from the amplifier to scne has rings, but also 4 or 5, despite the drummer, the percussionist etc ... and yet its not putting the rev box, 1 m, it looks like it's the same away, and it is not aggressive. One day, I had to play on a passed scne or more groups. For a transition from a half hour, I was too lazy to get my amp, I used a Hughes & Kettner w 80 that was on scne. A 1 m, the silent strong and aggressive, 4 m, I get along more! I am searching all the SWR, and miracle! Clear all silent, not aggressive and got everywhere.
The report quality price n'tait trs not good when I bought it. I chose the quality too bad for the price. Now we can talk about the ratio of investment / lasts: an amp that has kept 13 years and is ready to keep it as it will work? If I bought another: either a SWR with the same pramp (SM 400 and SM 500) is an Eden, a very similar, with perhaps be a little more grves.